Messenger Engagement:

  • Messenger checkbox plugin
  • Send to messenger plugin
  • link & QR code
  • Customer chat plugin

Subscriber Broadcasting:

  • Only 24 hour promotional and non-promotional messages using authorized tags.
  • Structured message (text, button, quick reply, image, video, file, carousel)
  • Delivered and sent report for each send
  • Label, gender, time zone & locale targeting
  • Implemented using messenger send API
  • Options to unsubscribe and resubscribe
  • Scheduling, pause & resume options

Sequence Messaging:

  • Only daily non-promo sequential with permitted tags (day 1 to day 30)
  • 24H hourly promo sequence (30 min, hour-1 to hour-23)
  • Default sequence for new subscribers
  • Entry point (engagement) based auto sequence assign
  • Post-back click auto sequence assign
  • Manually assign subscribers under any sequence
  • Multiple sequences assigning support
  • Daily message sending & delivery report
  • Hourly message sending & delivery report