Hide/Delete comment

Do you know how many of your consumers are being taken by your competitors from your Instagram accounts? They constantly keep an eye on your Instagram profiles to see who comments on your postings there. As a result, they are familiar with your consumers, manually send them private messages, and ultimately take them away from you. By hiding or deleting comments after replying, "Comment automation for Instagram" can address this specific issue. Because of this, your competitors are no longer able to steal your consumers' opinions. Additionally, using keywords, this function can remove or cover up offensive comments. This feature so maintains the image of your Instagram account.

Full account auto-comment reply

You must regularly respond to feedback from clients. It takes a lot of time and effort. You can avoid the work by using the "Comment automation for Instagram," which can respond to any incoming comments under any of your posts throughout your whole Instagram account.

Automatically respond to any post or comment that mentions you

'Comment automation for Instagram' can respond to posts and comments in which other people have mentioned you. In other words, if a user mentions you in a comment or a post, the feature will immediately respond on your behalf. It generates both general and keyword-based responses. When a customer mentions you in a comment and you respond right away, they will be happy and willing to do business with you.

Tagged media

You may view all of the posts where you have been tagged, the accounts that have tagged you, and the times when you have been tagged via the feature interface. Additionally, clicking on the post ids and account names makes it simple to view the posts and accounts.

Turn on or off comments for any Instagram post.

"Comment automation for Instagram" allows you to turn off comments for any post on your Instagram accounts if you'd like to prevent people from leaving comments under a particular post. Naturally, the feature has the ability to re-enable comments for the post.

One click will see all of a post's comments.

You need to be able to view all comments on a single Instagram post from time to time because they can be many. You may see all the comments in a single window on the "Comment automation for Instagram" interface by just clicking on them.