Key Features of Visual Flow Builder Insight:

  • Count of delivered and sent messages.
  • Count of post-back buttons clicked.
  • Amount of unique subscribers.
  • An error count was sent with the message.

CoxPost's Flow Builder Insight is a very helpful feature. You might be curious about how well our bots perform. You might be interested in knowing which bots or components of the bots perform better than the others.

You can use this Flow Builder Insight feature to learn more specifically how your bots or specific bot components are operating. This CoxPost feature is really straightforward but extremely effective.

Each message features a counter for the number of subscribers, percentage of deliveries, and times sent. You can use the messaging bot to check the insight.

You can view the amount of clicks, the number of subscribers, and any errors in the button components as well.

You can now determine which bots or components of the bots are operating perfectly based on the information. Simply get the feature and install it to learn more about the bot's insight.