Drag & Drop Form Builder

Drag and drop is available for form elements such the header, paragraph, input fields, button, etc. Additionally, you may easily edit, copy, and delete the contents of dragged-and-dropped fields.

Create an opt-in form using form positioning

All we need is a place on the website for the newsletter or opt-in form. CoxPost additionally offers the form position alternatives with this feature because we consider what our customers require.

Set Form Body Background

Form backgrounds are typically white, however you can improve form design by setting an image as the form's background. When creating a form, you can upload a picture to use as the form's background.

Send Email/SMS Campaign to Subscribers You Have Collected

The choice of an Email/SMS sequence campaign is offered during form creation. When you set them, these Email/SMS sequence campaigns will automatically allocate collected subscribers to them.

Process and save data from opt-in forms in CoxPost Platform.

You only need to embed the form into your website. CoxPost will take care of the rest. It implies that CoxPost will handle and keep your phone and email subscriber data on its platform for later use.

Able to send opt-in subscribers bulk emails and SMS

Another interesting part is that opt-in form subscribers can be used for mass email and SMS campaigns. Based on the contact groups you've created for the subscriber collection, you can choose them when creating an email or SMS campaign.